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Every year, the Genghis Grill restaurant runs Health Kwest, a contest to see who can lose the most weight and complete the most social media tasks in 60 days.  One contestant is chosen from each GG location.  This year, I was chosen to be the representative for one of the restaurants in Cedar Rapids.  I’m so stoked!

The main part of the contest is eating at Genghis Grill every day during the 60 days.  Actually, you have to eat there… miss more than 3 days and your DQ’d.  Fortunately, they cover that part: every contestant is issued a card with a free bowl for each day.   The rest of the contest consists of a daily social media task, such as tweeting or FB-ing pictures of your bowl, or making a video or a blog post.  Hence why I’m starting this blog. 😉

This is going to be a challenge, but I have set some high goals and whether I win the final prize ($10k!) or not, I’m definitely going to come out a lot healthier (which hopefully also means a lot lighter).

I will be blogging my progress here, and hopefully will continue to do so after the contest ends as well.  I have been meaning to do a blog for a while now, so maybe being required to do this regularly will make it a habit for me.  Please follow me on my “kwest”, especially the various videos and photos I will be posting along the way.