Our task for today is to write a blog post about our own version of an “I have a dream” speech about what our dream for Health Kwest is.  Well, my dream for Health Kwest is to have a flat stomach.  I have been overweight my entire life (well, as long as I can remember) and I have often fantasized about what it would feel like to have a flat tummy and no “love handles”.  I have at least 80 lbs to lose to reach that goal, probably more, so I don’t think it’s feasible in 60 days to reach that completely.  But that doesn’t make my dream less of a reality.  I know that I will get a great head start into it (and hopefully get close) during the 60 days of Health Kwest.  The possibility of the grand prize has been an awesome motivator for me.  Part of my dream is that the habits of diet and exercise that I am building from this motivation will be able to persist beyond the 60 days, allowing me to fully achieve that dream in the near future.