Today’s social media task is to blog about our top 3 goals for Health Kwest.  This was a tricky one for me because I was really only focusing on one thing: losing weight.  This is, therefore, goal number one for me.  I have been overweight my entire life.  When I was younger it wasn’t as bad as it is now, but even in high school, when I was at my thinnest in my adult size, I was still overweight.  Once I graduated from college and ended up working in an office, I started gaining a lot and found it harder and harder to get rid of.  Pretty soon I put on an extra 50 lbs, and was staying around that weight for quite a while.  In the last few years, I have tried again to lose the weight, only to find an extra 5-10 lbs sticking around each year.  I’m really hoping that the motivation I get from the $10k prize will be enough to really help me do what it takes to lose the weight.

Goal number two is to get rid of my sugar/snack addictions.  One of my biggest problems with food is that I get hungry every hour or two.  I don’t typically eat a lot at each meal, but I find myself snacking through the day.  I really crave sweet things, but anything snack-ish can keep me eating and eating.  As part of my Health Kwest routine, I am following an 8/16 intermittent fasting routine.  This means that I only allow myself an eating window of 8 hours, then followed by 16 hours of no caloric intake.  I’m still getting the 1500-2000 calories I need, and it’s low carb too, so it’s mostly made up of vegetables from GG, salads, and proteins.  I’m really trusting that 60 days of being this diligent will help me to stick with the nutritional regiment I am following long enough to shed these pounds permanently.

Lastly, I really want to get into good physical condition.  Losing the weight will do wonders for my mobility and energy, but I really want to be strong and fit, not just thinner.  Several years ago I was a regular at the gym, and I was really starting to see results.  Life has a way of getting in the way, and I eventually fell out of that habit and have lost most of that strength.  I really want to be able to be as strong as or stronger than I was then.  I have never been much of a cardio person, but I would love to get more into that now. My wife and most of my kids are runners.  I have had knee problems that I think will prevent that even when thinner, but I have a bike that I’m trying to get in the habit of riding frequently.  As part of my training for Health Kwest, I am also training for a 32 mile bike “tour” (non-competitive race) in May.  My dad, who got me back into biking, will even be coming out to participate in it with me.  I want to have the strength and stamina to be able to finish the race and hopefully not feel like I’ve been hit by a truck afterwards.

My official "Before" picture.  This was taken fro the Health Kwest application process.

My official “Before” picture. This was taken for the Health Kwest application process.