Today we were asked to blog about stress and how we handle it, especially as it pertains to the Health Kwest contest.  I’m not sure I can really comment on this, because I tend not to stress about things.  I do find that a certain amount of tension can help me when I have a task to do.  That is to say, that knowing something is due very soon helps me to somehow get more focused on getting it done.  Having a task that I know I can’t complete in time is frustrating, but honestly I don’t really dwell on it, so it doesn’t cause me too much stress.

With Health Kwest, the only thing that stresses me is time.  I’m very busy at work, and want to spend time with my family as well, but I know I need to be getting more exercise in, and it’s hard to do all that in one day.  Even the trip to GG, as pleasurable as it is, takes me over an hour to do (drive time included) rather than just eating something at home or at work.  I really wish I had an extra hour or two to spend in the gym, or even an extra half hour so I could make it to the nice gym a bit away from work, instead of being relegated to the small workout room we have at work.  Even with this, though, I really don’t stress about it.  I know there have been times I feel stressed, but it just doesn’t seem to be something that really impacts my life in a significantly negative way.