I’ve mentioned before that one of the best things about eating at Genghis Grill is the wide variety of ingredients you have at your disposal.  Well, in addition to the normal meats and veggies, they occasionally have “Limited time only” special items.  Today I decided to try one of those.  My special item for today was Pulled Pork.  It was a very nice addition to what would have been my normal bowl there.  Today when I went the restaurant was quite crowded and (I think as a result) my bowl’s ingredients were somewhat burned.  Surprisingly, this actually added to the flavor of the pork (not so much on the onions that were black).  My only real gripe with the pulled pork selection was that it seemed to stick between my teeth worse than any of the other meats I usually use.  Oh, and this “special” ingredient has been there for this entire month so far.  No idea when they’ll “pull” it (pun intended) and replace it with another.