Today’s task was to pick someone we admire and basically ask them for advice on doing HealthKwest.  The person I picked to interview is my wife, Alissa.  That may sound kind of cliché, but she is an incredible woman and already an inspiration to me.  Especially because in the last few years she decided to get into running.  She was not really what I would have called a running type, but she has come to love it, really gives it 110%, and she has improved immensely over time.  She has even done several half marathons and one full one. 


Alissa got into running because her friend asked her if she wanted to start running togethr and she said yes.  To Alissa, to be successful you have to have a goal to strive towards and you have someone behind you to support you.  That is why she likes doing races.  They give her specific deadlines where she is pushing towards that with a final time to show how well you’ve improved.  It is important to have little steps in the process.  Having little goals to reach (a best per-minute time, a new distance covered at once, etc.) makes the process easier than just aiming for a nebulous end.  Alissa’s friend is her accountability.  Besides often setting their goals, and frequently their pace, she is constantly following up with Alissa to make sure she is doing all the training runs and other tasks they set for themselves.  The process goes both ways.  Alissa says that this mutual accountability allows them to motivate each other and keeps them from finding excuses not to do the work they need to in order to succeed in their next scheduled race.