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Today’s task for Health Kwest was to write a blog about any physical and emotional changes you have felt during the Health Kwest so far, but I’m not really sure what to write. I can’t say that I have noticed any emotional changes at all, other than just the general excitement of being in this contest. I haven’t lost enough weight to where I would expect an emotional change over it. Hmm, maybe I’m a little bummed at not having lost as much weight as I wanted by this point. Anyway, I have never been very emotional about my weight, so I don’t expect to be so when I lose it.
Physically, I have felt mostly tired and often sore. The feelings I get directly from the weight loss (not caused by the weight-losing-actions) are very minor and fleeting. I’m not really close to my goal weight, so the changes are still very subtle. Every once in a while though I do seem a little thinner, like in a picture or when I see myself in the mirror. Occasionally I will notice that my arm feels firmer from weight lifting, but again… minor. I think when I start to get closer to my goal weight (and I still have over 50 lbs to get there) the changes will be more apparent.
The one thing I have noticed distinctly, is that a few pairs of pants and some shirts that were starting to feel snug at my previous weight are now back to fitting me properly. I really can’t wait until those ones are getting honestly loose and I can start to fit into some of my “skinnier” clothes*.

* I don’t own any “skinny” clothes, having never been skinny in my life, but I do still have some from when I was skinnier.