Today’s task reads like this:

Coke, one of our supporters in this campaign, supports a campaign called, “Little Black Dress” where they support people to be healthy and get back into that outfit they want to fit one day or again!  Take a photo of you and your dream outfit (or if you can wear it again let’s see it!) and post it on your blog. This can be something you want to fit back into or a new style you’re excited to wear soon!

Obviously, I don’t have a little black dress.  Even more, I don’t really have an outfit that I wanted to wear or to get back into, other than just generally fitting into smaller clothes.  So, after scouring my closet, I came up with this:Image

This is the suit I had when I got married 14 years ago, and I haven’t really fit into it for at least 10-12.  So, that’s the closest I could come up with.  It would be fun to have this suit fit again.